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Amamalya Ayakwa (Anindilyakwa) dictionaries

Amamalya Ayakwa (Anindilyakwa) dictionaries

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A short Amamalya Ayakwa (Anindilyakwa) talking dictionary for mobile and desktop devices.

Language content and voices:

  • Judy Lalara
  • Sylvia Tkac
  • Carol Wurramara

This dictionary web app has been created for use in the Anindilyakwa communities on Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island, NT, Australia.

Produced by the Groote Eylandt Language Centre team.

ALNF dictionary app

Based on an original project conducted jointly by the Groote Eylandt Language Centre and the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation.

No part of this content may be published, transmitted, repurposed, copied or otherwise adapted outside the Anindilyakwa communities without written permission from the copyright holders.

©2019 Groote Eylandt Language Centre

See also: ALNF DIctionary, the original Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation web app, created in conjunction with the Groote Eylandt Language Centre. Reproduced here with thanks.


Anindilyakwa legal dictionary

Eningerribirra-langwa Jurra

Eningerribirra-langwa jurra

A dictionary arranged by themes together with some stories, learning aids and indexes, comprehensively illustrated.
Available from our Language Centre.

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