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Items for sale

Books, CDs and DVDs for sale

Please visit the Language Centre to enquire or purchase.

Clan songs, church songs, Modern Band and educational CDs

All $10:

Eningerribirra-langwa Jurra

  • Eningerribirra-langwa Jurra (Anindilyakwa Thematic Dictionary) / $30
  • When We Go Walkabout $20

Children's books - in Anindilyakwa & English

All $5:

  • Bickerton Island Animals: A Counting Book
  • Bickerton Island Bush Foods
  • li>Cupboard Man

  • The Fast and Furious Shark – (Anindilyakwa only)
  • Have You Heard the Curlew?
  • Poison Cousins


All $10:

  • Stories in Anindilyakwa (DVD)
  • Milyakburra Band
  • Eylandt Band
  • Groote Eylandt Clan Songs
  • Groote Eylandt Song Words
  • Angurugu and Yenbakwa: Church Songs
  • Angurugu at the Cross
  • Emeba Jesus-langwa
  • Anindilyakwa School Dictionary (PDFs) / Eningerribirra-langwa Jurra


All $5:

  • Old Photos: A Collection of Old Photos from Groote and Bickerton Island
  • Children's Stories and Songs / Wurriyukwayuwa-yada
  • How Many? / Ambarrngarna? (Counting Book)
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