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Yirruwa yirrilikenuma-langwa

Dangaba Dingarrbiya Golf Course-manja

Yirruwa Yirrilikenuma-langwa
When We Go Walkabout

Story: Rhoda Lalara

Illustrations: Alfred Lalara

Performed by: Judy Lalara

Copyright & acknowledgements

© 2014 Text: Rhoda Lalara, Illustrations: Alfred Lalara, Raaking: Alice Durilla

You may not reproduce anywhere any portion or the whole of this multimedia story without written permission from the Groote Eylandt Language Centre and representatives of the copyright holders.

Yirruwa yirrilikenuma-langwa: When We Go Walkabout was originally published in book form by Allen & Unwin in 2014, with support from the Australian Government. See the publisher’s catalogue.

This slideshow and story player was designed and produced by David Nathan based on an original slideshow player by Tyler Craft of Codrops.

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