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Home » Stories » Dangaba Dingarrbiya golf-course-manja

Dangaba Dingarrbiya golf course-manja

Dangaba Dingarrbiya Golf Course-manja

(There's a crocodile on the golf course)

Story: Rachel Barnett

Illustrations: Rachel Barnett

Anindilyakwa translation: Judy Lalara

Performed by: Judy Lalara

About the author

Rachel Barnett wrote and illustrated the original story ‘There's a crocodile on the golf course’.

Purchase the book in English

You can purchase the original story book in English:

PDF version

Download a PDF version
To download a PDF version, right-click on the PDF link above, and choose "Save link as ...". Save the file on your device, then open it with a PDF player such as Adobe Reader. You can download Adobe Reader here Adobe Reader download page

Technical acknowledgements

The slideshow and story player was designed and produced by David Nathan based on an original slideshow player by Tyler Craft of Codrops.

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