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Anindilyakwa placenames

MAP: Coastal Place Names of Groote Eylandt

Click on the image below to view a detailed zoomable PDF showing  Anindilyakwa coastal placenames of Groote Eylandt [approx 5MB].

As told by Peter Nangurama Wurrawilya, Alec Narrijanga Bara Bara, and David Mamarika to Julie Waddy in 1981. Note: Expect some errors. Place names may have another pronunciation and yet others are not included because they may not have been suggested already. Unintentional errors will occur because many of these names have been recorded while aboard a vessel or through the use of maps.

Data Sources: Groote Linguistics, Bing Maps, Geoscience Australia

Map and Digitisation by Ben Hall, Judy Lalara and Sibella Herbert August 2012

ALC Catalogue Num: MAP/2012/4

Groote Eylandt placenames

Groote Eylandt placenames

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