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Groote Eylandt Language Centre

About the Centre

Groote Eylandt Language Centre works to promote, maintain and preserve the Groote Eylandt language, Anindilyakwa. It hosts a significant collection of language and cultural resources relating to the Warnindilyakwa people. The Centre undertakes language projects both large and small, and offers services such as language recording and resource development, language advice and expertise, and translation.

Projects and activities undertaken by the Centre include:

  • producing valuable resources in Anindilyakwa such as Eningerribirra-langwa jurra (Anindilyakwa Children's Dictionary)
  • recording and digitising over twelve hundred Groote Eylandt Clan Songs
  • building a collection of traditional stories in Anindilyakwa
  • publishing a large number of CDs and DVDs which are distributed in the community
  • developing an orthography for Anindilyakwa
  • maintaining a collection of historical photos
  • designing and building Ajamurnda, a community-focused digital catalogue of language and cultural resources
  • preparing a detailed language survey to establish baseline data for the usage and status of the Anindilyakwa language

In August 2017, the Centre was awarded a large grant under the Commonwealth Government's Indigenous Languages and Arts Program to develop an online catalogue of legacy, repatriated and newly recorded Anindilyakwa language resources.

The Centre aims to work in an increaasingly integrated way with other organisations and facilities including anthropological services, media and radio, arts, and schools. The Centre is a key component of the new Cultural Centres currently being established in the communities of Angurugu, Umbakumba and Milyakburra.


The Centre was known over a long period as ‘Linguistics’. It evolved from the times when missionaries were in control of many of the island's affairs, and up until 2006 ‘Linguistics’ was run by the Church Missionary Society.


Current staff of the Centre:

Carolyn Fletcher
Carolyn Fletcher
Judy Lalara
Language Officer
Judy Lalara
Melainie Collins
Project Officer
Melainie Collins
Sylvia Tkac
Language Officer
Sylvia Tkac
David Nathan
David Nathan
Carol Wurramara
Language Officer
Carol Wurramara


The Groote Eylandt Language Centre can provide a number of services to partner and other organisations, and individuals. Some of these services are free, some involve payment:

  • sales of dictionary and CDs/DVDs
  • language strategy and advice
  • translation from English to Anindilyakwa, and from Anindilyakwa to English - text and/or audio*

* The Centre will retain rights in all Anindilyakwa text and audio materials produced, unless by special agreement.


Phone: 08 8987 6586
Mobile: 0448 570 332
Location: Shop 3 GEAT Building, Angurugu NT 0882

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